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My experience of working as a web model!

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Today the internet is full of numerous advertisements offering work as a web model. They promise mountains of gold, a land of milk and honey. Many girls see this kind of work as something embarrassing, like being a prostitute, and they by no means accept these offers. So, I want to tell you about my own, more than a year`s experience of work as a web model, my vision of this business and the opportunities I have faced. I will start from the very beginning.

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An old friend of mine advised me to earn money as a web model. She registered on BONGACAMS a few years ago. I knew about her average income and I noticed that she began to dress better; she wore beautiful and obviously expensive jewelry, she used imported cosmetics of famous brands and there were some other details. When I asked for fun where she found a rich admirer, she answered in all seriousness that there was not one admirer or even some of them, but tens or hundreds. Of course, I did not believe my friend, but the next day she invited me to her home and demonstrated the way she easily earned in just an hour more than I do per day...

So, I decided to try. First of all, you`re at home, you don`t have to go anywhere, you work when you want. Second, the anonymity is guaranteed and the probability of the fact that relatives, acquaintances or friends will see the broadcast via webcam is equal to zero. Third, clients, who communicate with you, are many hundreds and even thousands of kilometers away, and if something is uncomfortable, you can interrupt the session at any time. The next day I bought a webcam, registered on BONGACAMS portal and preened my feathers: erotic clothes, the right makeup, and twilight. I created my own chat and started waiting for visitors.
I can talk and describe my adventures for a long time, so I will limit myself to a summary of the events. For the first few days spent in front of a webcam, I earned almost nothing. What is three dollars? However, my friend, who suggested me this way of earning, did not let me despair and give up this idea. She shared some secrets that allow to attract attention, to hold it, to intrigue visitors and, in the end, to make them fork up and pay. I am ready to share some of them.

The first important thing is bright makeup. It is a good idea and will not look vulgar because the webcam does not capture the shades correctly and slightly dims the colors. The second rule is erotic clothes, for example, a light transparent negligee that veils the contours of the body. It will leave place for the fantasies of the client. And the third important thing is a microphone. Live voice, chatting, addressing users by their names will certainly give a positive result and the effect will surpass all expectations. Now some words about the format of the work. There is a so-called common room, where broadcasting from your webcam is carried out and where anyone can drop in. The earning here usually consists of small tips that non-indifferent users leave for your repartee or maintaining the flow of conversation. The next variant is a group chat, when some users offer you to spend time with them for a certain amount of money. You and no one else decide whether to agree or to ask for more. And some users prefer the illusion of complete privacy and can offer you a private chat. In this case, it is important not to go too far and not to ask for an exaggerated sum.
Gradually, I acquired regulars in 10-11 days thanks to my friend`s advice. Some of them wanted just to communicate, sometimes moral support and sympathy, others liked the way I dance for them, and still others... Well, this is a different story. I will tell you later on. And my income has become much higher than the salary, for which I labored from morning till evening.

Dear girls, register on BONGACAMS and earn good money at home. Believe my experience!

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